Plasma breakdown of low-pressure gas discharges


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Plasma breakdown is a fundamental process in gas discharges; it is a highly transient process that involves particles drifting in electric fields, charge multiplication in electron avalanches and moving ionization fronts. The driving force for these processes is the electric field in the discharge volume. The research in this thesis was aimed at obtaining a better understanding of the fundamental processes involved in plasma breakdown in low-pressure discharges by experimental investigations.
Two types of discharges were studied; a pulsed discharge between parabolic, metal electrodes and a parallel-plate, low-pressure dielectric barrier discharge. The breakdown phases of these discharges were investigated using various experimental techniques. Breakdown processes in the low-pressure dielectric barrier discharge were investigated by studying the light emission from the discharge in a spatially, temporally and spectrally resolved way. Additionally, electrode voltages and discharge currents were measured. These investigations, together with the results from a two-dimensional fluid model, showed that the breakdown process in this discharge followed a Townsend-like mechanism in which the effects of the dielectric plates were limited.
The pulsed discharge between parabolic, metal electrodes, was firstly studied in a lowpressure argon environment by light emission imaging with an intensified charge-coupled device (ICCD) camera. This relatively simple diagnostic provided time- and space-resolved information on the characteristic features of the breakdown process. Different phases in the breakdown process were identified. Firstly, the build-up of a light emission region in the discharge gap in front of the anode, followed by a light front crossing the electrode gap from anode to cathode and finally, a stable discharge covering the cathode surface. These features were in qualitative agreement with the breakdown process observed in parallelplate discharges at low pressure, which are accurately described by Townsend’s breakdown theory.

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