Hot Filament Ion Gauge (HFIG) Card for XGS-600 Multi-Gauge Controller


Product Description

This is the Hot Filament Ion Gauge HFIG board and operates all Agilent hot filament gauges and most other available Bayard-Alpert type hot filament ionization gauges including nude UHV types. The board can be set up for all Agilent hot filament gauges and allows you to set gauge emission current, sensitivity value, and gas correction factor. The UHV range and E-Beam degas are standard, as is dual filament control, remote I/O control of emission and filament selection, and 0 to 10 V analog output. Other cards can also be used along side this Dual Convection Card.

Compatible with the following gauges in the high to ultra high vacuum range:

  • 563 (HV)
  • 564 (HV)
  • 571 (HV)
  • 572 (HV)
  • MBA-100, MBA-200 (HV)
  • UHV-24, UHV-24p (UHV)

Also compatible with competitors gauges.

Additional Information

Board type

Measurement board

Pressure measurement range maximum, Pa


Pressure measurement range minimum, Pa


Pressure sensors type

Bayard-Alpert ionization pressure sensor

Applicable pressure sensors

563 Bayard-Alpert Gauge Tube, 564 Bayard-Alpert Gauge Tube, 571 Bayard-Alpert Gauge Tube, 572 Bayard-Alpert Gauge Tube, BAIR, BATT, ETI 4336 Series, ETI 8130, ETI 8130T, ETI 8140 Nude Ionization Gauge, G075F, G075N, G075TK, G100F, G100F-PT, G100K, G100K-PT, G100KQF25, G100KQF40, G100TF, G8120, G8130, G8130T, G8140, G8140-DI, Granville-Phillips® Series 274, GX100-564F, GX100-564K, GX100-564N, I-075-K, I-075-KC, I-075-N, I-075-NC, I-075-P, I-100-K, I-100-KC, I-100-N, I-100-NC, I-100-P, I-164-275, I-164-K, I-164-KF25, I-164-KF40, I-164-N, I-CFF-133, I-CFF-275, I-KF25, I-KF40, I-NUDE-BAC, I-NUDE-F, IC-CFF-275, IGT-075, IGT-100, IGT-T, IGT-TI, MBA-100, MBA-200, T-075-K, T-075-N, T-075-P, T-100-K, T-100-N, T-100-P, T-CFF-133, T-CFF-275, T-KF25, T-KF40, T-NUDE-F, UHIR, UHTT, UHV-24, UHV-24P

Number of measuring circuits




Output signal

Analog voltage logarithmic

Types of files





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