An Overview of Essential Parameters on Ablative PPT Performance


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The purpose of this paper is to comprehensively review most of the significant works ever done worldwide to study the effects of essential parameters on PPT Performance and to analyze their effects. All the important works studying PPT performance are categorized by the parameter they have studied its effect on PPT performance and their works have been reviewed to analyze the influence of each parameter. The analysis leads to elucidate the effects of different geometrical parameters including aspect ratio, electrode width, electrode spacing, electrode shape, electrode length, electrode material, flare angle and also the effects of other parameters like propellant type, propellant temperature, Spark distance from propellant, pulse repetition frequency, discharge energy, connecting line between capacitor and thruster, and hood angle on PPT performance, as well. The analysis is mainly focused on rectangular breech-fed PPTs and side-fed PPTs and does not deal with co-axial PPTs. The results of the current analysis can be an invaluable assistance in PPT design and optimization procedure and helps the designer to develop a system with better performance characteristics.


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September 11 – 15, 2011

Название конференции

32nd International Electric Propulsion Conference

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Wiesbaden Germany




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Rezaeiha A., Schonherr T.


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