Hardness and adhesive strength of ion-plasma coatings of TiB2-WB2 and TiC-WC quasi-binary systems


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The article investigates how the formation conditions of ion-plasma coatings for TiB2-WB2 and TiC-WC quasi-binary systems with different levels of metallic components influence such mechanical properties of theirs as hardness and adhesive strength under separation conditions in process of scratch-testing. The findings of this research show that with superhard coatings the closer their hardness is to that of the chosen substrate the higher the adhesive strength of the coating in question. For instance, in case of Ti-W-B system coatings, their hardness being close to 6 GPa, the coating shear-off critical load (LC5) increases from 18.56 to 29.26 N, when the substrate hardness changes from 5.2 to 9.1 GPa. If Ta substrates with relatively low hardness of 5.2 GPa are used for deposition, the coatings adhesive strength can be increased by utilizing such deposition conditions which provide for double-phase state formation. With the atomic ratio of Ti/W ≈ 0.1, the same effect for the Ti-W-B system is achieved under the deposition temperature of 970 K, while for the Ti-W-C system this temperature is 1220 K. With carbide coatings the coefficient of friction is much higher than that of boride ones. Moreover, critical loads for them increase with temperature growth at all stages of failure caused by scratching. To explain this effect there was proposed a certain mechanism of structural ordering under raising temperature. It was also found that the increase in W-content leads to greater plasticity in boride and carbide coatings.

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Ion Plasma Technologies and Equipment

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Арсеенко М.Ю., Соболь О.В., Сребнюк П.А., Шовкопляс О.А.


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