Radio-frequency plasma generator RFPG-128

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Product Description

Purpose: creation and continuous maintenance of high-density gas discharge plasma in working spaces of vacuum technological machines. RFPG-128 provides higher plasma densities (ion flux density up to 50 mA/cm2).

Installation: into a view port flange or inside the vacuum chamber on a DU60 sliding seal both in new machines and when modernizing the existing ones. There are tested and tried procedures of using plasma generators in the majority of serially produced Russian plants.

Application: processes of ion and plasmachemical etching, depositing of thin film deposition, ion-plasma surface treatment: polishing, nitriding and carbonization. The devices work with any gases that do not cause depositing of low-resistance layers on the protective screen surface. Depositing rate: up to 40 µm/min, capacity: up to 20 kW.

Parameter RFPG-128
Operating frequency, MHz 13.56
Maximum HF energy input, W 3000
Housing diameter, mm 128
Operating pressure range, Pa 0.1..10
Ion flux density at 1 kW power

a) without accessories

b) with a specially configured magnetic system 50

Additional Information

Operating frequency, MHz


Max Discharge Power, W


Min Discharge Power, W


Maximum operating pressure, Pa


Minimum operating pressure, Pa


Cooling water minimal, l/h


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