The indicator of vacuum IV-2

Product Description

The indicator of vacuum IV-2

Indicators of vacuum are intended for use in vacuum systems, laboratory and industrial purpose plants.They are used as gauges of pressure in the automated systems.

The device allows:

  • to refuse from complex inconvenient graphic graduated characteristics;
  • to automate process of measurement of pressure and maintenance of operating modes of converters;
  • to store settings of channels of blocking at switching-off of supply voltage.
  • to carry out self-testing of the vacuum gauge.

The vacuum gauge IV-2 provides:

  • Digital display of measured pressure in units of Pа, indication of operating modes and a condition of blocking on all channels;
  • Output of the measuring information in an analog kind (0-10) V.

The indicator consists of the measuring unit and converters of pressure such as PМТ-6-3 (2 pieces) or PМТ-2 (2 pieces).

Structurally measuring unit of the vacuum gauge is made on the chassis of modular execution in a panel variant. Desktop execution of the unit is provided.


Working range, Pа
For converter PMT-6-3 1 × 10 -1 1 × 10 5
For converter PMT-2 1 × 10 -1 50
Number of channels of blocking 4
Power consumption, W, not more than 25

Overall dimensions of the measuring unit and a way of installation (two types):

  • For installation in the rack or the eurocrate cartridge, the obverse panel 142 × 129 mm, depth (without sockets) 365 mm;
  • For an independent arrangement (in a casing), the obverse panel 146 × 134,4 mm, depth (without sockets) 368 mm.
Weight, kg, not more than 3
Used types of gauges:
Fore-vacuum PМТ-2 the glassy case
Fore-vacuum PМТ-6-3 the metal case
Way of installation of gauges a socle for connection of a cable vertically (aside and angularly is not recommended).
The connecting sizes:
PМТ-6-3 diameter of 18 mm, length (the gauge with a socle) 130 mm;
PMТ-2 diameter of 16 mm, length (the gauge with a socle) 175 mm.

Connection of gauges and contact networks to the measuring unit.

IN use of PМТ-2:
PМТ-2 9 contact socket SNP101;
Analog output 0-10 V 15 contact socket SNP101;
Output of blockings 15 contact socket SNP101.
At use PMT-6-3:
PMT-6-3 9 Contact socket SNP101;
Analog output 0-10 V 9 contact socket SNP101;
Output of blocking 15 contact socket SNP101.

Type of cables for connection of gauges and their length – a cable of own manufacturing, length – 2,5 m or 5 m (manufacturing “lot for lot” of the consumer is possible).

Additional Information

Supply Voltage, V


Frequency of a current, Hz


Input Phase


Pressure sensors type

Pirani pressure sensor, Thermocouple pressure sensors

Pressure measurement range maximum, Pa


Pressure measurement range minimum, Pa


Number of measuring circuits


Weight, kg


Output signal

Analog voltage

Relay number


Switching voltage, V


Relay switching current, A


Maximum Electrical power consumption, W


Applicable pressure sensors

ПМТ-2, ПМТ-4М, ПМТ-6-3, ПМТ-6-3М-1


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