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according to the Administrative matters:

1.Can you sell (followed by an item of equipment from the catalog)?

No, we can’t. The Plasmaport web-portal is an information resource, so we do not sell or buy anything. It was designed for exchange of information relevant to the portal’s problem domain among users.

2. Would you like to buy followed by an item of equipment from the catalog or this weird thing)?

No, we would not. The Plasmaport web-portal is an information resource, so we do not sell or buy anything. It was designed for exchange of information relevant to the portal’s problem domain among users.

3. What if I want to leave a sell message for equipment that is not in your catalog and it is not in line with the portal’s problem domain?

There are to ways to handle this: post your ad on the portal’s forum in the Commercial section, You should apply for the publication of your material in our catalog. To do this, please read the material publication guidelines. This is a more vivid way to present your product, which will make it easier for prospective buyers to find it.
If desired, you can use both methods.


1. Why do I need to register?
You need to register in order to download files, have the possibility to leave comments on catalog pages, to have access to the forum, to be able to post ads.
2. Why do you need my e-mail address?
We need your e-mail address to:
confirm your registration;
recover user account if you forget or loose your password.
3. What the registration e-mail is meant for?
The registration e-mail is meant to confirm the fact that it is you who own this specific e-mail address. In order to do so we will send an e-mail containing a unique link at this address.
To activate your account you will need to open the link sent in your browser.
4. I have received a registration confirmation e-mail, what I am to do next?
Follow the link contained in this e-mail. This is needed for successful completion of the registration procedure. Failure to do so will leave your account inactive. If, for any reason, the link is not working, copy it to your browser’s address bar and press Enter.
You do not need to reply to the registration confirmation e-mail.
5. I have not received registration confirmation e-mail, why?
There can be several reasons for this:
You made a mistake in your e-mail address;
the e-mail is delayed (usually the e-mail is received in a few minutes, but it may happen that it is delayed for an uncertain period of time);
your mailbox is full;
your registration confirmation e-mail was rejected by you mail server as spam;
the e-mail was rejected due to filter settings of your mailbox;
the e-mail was put into quarantine;
you have encountered other problems.
6. What if I receive no registration registration e-mail for a few hours?
Check if there is enough space available in your mailbox and your filter settings;
try to re-register carefully checking the spelling of your e-mail address;
try to register again using another e-mail address.
7. I can not confirm my registration when following the link in the e-mail, why?
It is likely that when copying the link from the registration confirmation e-mail some symbols were lost (the link copy is not complete). Please check (all symbols are important).
8. I would like to change my e-mail. How do I do this?
The password change function is only available to users of the Authors group. To become a member of this group, you need to publish any of your information on the portal. Other users of the portal, who are member of the Subscribers group (every newly registered user is automatically assigned to the Subscribers group) can not use this feature. Therefore, think carefully which of your e-mail addresses you should use to register.

Attention! You can not register for the second time with the same e-mail address.


1. I got the “invalid user name / password ” message, though I could successfully login earlier.
Check the spelling of your user name and password, if you are using correct language, case, CAPS LOCK, etc.
Otherwise your account has been blocked by the administration for violation of the Terms. In this case, your a notification will be sent to your e-mail.
2. I enter the user name and password, the window updates, but I fail to log in.
Check if cookies are enabled in your browser.
Check if your antivirus / firewall / proxy is set to block cookies.
Try adding the site to the trusted zone in your browser and / or the list of exceptions to the above programs.
Check if the date, time, and time zone are correctly set on your PC.
Try deleting our site cookies from your browser.
Try using a different browser.
Try using a different PC.
3. I forgot my password, what am I to do in this case?
Use the “Forgot password?” link in login and password box.
Then follow the instructions to set up a new password.

Adding and editing materials

1. I want to add some material to the site. How do I do this?
Go to the section of the portal, which corresponds to the subject of the material to be published. Please check to see if the same material was posted earlier (duplicate data are not allowed on the portal). Or use the the portal’s search box (at the upper right). Add your material using special forms for adding materials on the pages of the catalog, or send it by e-mail at portal.plasmaport@gmail.com having brought it in accordance with Material submission guidelines. Your material is now put in queue for review. It will appear in the general list when approved by the moderator.
2. I can not find the appropriate section for my material. What should I do?
Suggest your own one. Such section will be created if approved by the moderator. Otherwise the material will be placed in the most appropriate existing section.
3. What is the maximum file size of the full version of the submitted material?
The maximum file size 200 Mb.
4. . I added my materials to the site, but do not see them in the respective section. What’s the matter?
Your materials will be available for public access only after they have been reviewed by the the moderator of the relevant section.
5. How long does does it take to review the materials?
Materials review takes from 1 day to a week. Materials formatted in accordance with all requirements and added to the correct section, have a higher priority and pass the review earlier than others.
6. How do I know about the review status of material submitted by me to the Plasmaport portal?
In case your material has been rejected by the moderator, you will receive a message to your personal e-mail and forum messenger with a notice of refusal to publish your materials with reason.
7. Some of my material went missing. Why?
The following materials are removed when found: those that duplicate the materials submitted earlier, those not marching their description, those violating copyright.
8. I added the material and I want to change its title / description. How do I do this?
You can do it in two ways. Send an e-mail at portal.plasmaport@gmail.com containing a link to your material and detailed description of the changes proposed. Alternatively, you may leave the same description of proposed changes on the Reviews tab of the material that needs editing. Changes to the description of your material will be made upon approval by the moderator.
9. I found a mistake in the title / description of someone else’s material. What should I do?
Leave your comments on the Reviews tab of this material. Changes to the description of the material will be made upon approval by the moderator.
10. I received a notice that my material duplicates existing material. What should I do?
Check to see if this is really so by downloading the material and comparing it with yours. If you think the description of the earlier material is incomplete, update it using the Feedback tab. If you disagree with the moderator’s comment, write him about it. We will figure it out.
11. What are the principles applied to determine duplication?
In general, a file added at a later time is considered duplicate, unless it features a version of much better quality.
Duplicates are generally considered to be:
materials of similar formats (e.g.: DOC, DOCX and RTF);
materials in different formats, if the newly added file is a product of the automatic conversion of the previously posted file;
stereotyped editions and reprints (without substantial changes);
separate volumes / parts of a book, if a full archive collection is already available and vice versa.
The following is generally not considered to be duplicates:
materials of different formats (e.g.: DOC, DJVU and PDF);
materials of different publication years.
12. I want to add some material that is already available on the site in better quality. Should I do so?
You should, in the cases as follows:
1. Material’s resolution provides significantly better readability and OCR possibilities. The recommended values are 300 dpi and 400-600 dpi for the small print. Excessive resolution of 1200 dpi is not better for reading than 300 dpi since the difference will not be visible on the display, and the file size will increase by an order of magnitude. 300 dpi is much better than 100 dpi, since all the text-recognition software is optimized for 300 dpi.
2. Important pages were added to the new material. Additional pages with advertisement or covers are not a reason for material replacement.
3. New material features better figures and diagrams.
4. New material features text or OCR layer, if carefully cleaned and proofread. For example, if formulas, diagrams and figures in the text layer were turned into trash, it will not count as improvement.
When adding better quality materials, you should write in the comments to the new file that it is meant for replacement of lower-quality version (+ link to the old material). This will allow to avoid confusion when materials are reviewed by the moderator.
13. I want to add a selection of materials on a topic, a number of different books or one book in several formats in one archive. Is it worth it?
Generally, it is not since:
it makes search more difficult;
it makes more difficult to found duplications;
it deteriorates completeness of description;
it creates problems in replacing a book for a better quality version;
it is not always convenient to download bulky archives;

The following files are normally uploaded as an archive:
parts of a publication (e.g.: parts or chapters of a book, a course of lectures);
books with appendices (e.g.: graphic or audio materials)

14. I want to delete my file. How do I do this?
You need to go to the Mediafiles tab of the console, find the intended file and delete it.
15. My material has passed review. Later I received a message about duplication or remarks regarding formatting. What happened?
The fact that your material has been successfully reviewed does not mean that there may be no questions regarding it in the future.
Please edit the description of your file in accordance with the the moderator’s comments.

Files download

1. The file I ordered won’t download, instead I receive a message that the file is not found on the server.
This means that the user, who posted the file, has deleted it for some reason. We can not prohibit users from doing so, as any information published on the Plasmaport portal remains their property.
2.I have downloaded a file, but it will not open or displays an error message when opened. What should I do?
УMake sure you have downloaded the full file (with no disconnections). Please try to download the file again.
Check if you are trying to open it using the correct program.
Try to use the latest version of this program.
3. I have downloaded a file, what program should I use to open it?
It is easy to determine by file extension (the letters following the dot in the file name):
.DJV, .DJVU – Opened in WinDjVu.
.DOC – Opened in Microsoft Word.
.DOCX – Opened in Word 2007 and higher or using the compatibility pack.
.PDF – Opened in Adobe Reader.
.PPT, .PPS – Opened in Microsoft PowerPoint.
.PPTX – Opened in PowerPoint 2007 and higher or using the compatibility pack.
.RAR – Opened in WinRar. .RTF – Opened in Microsoft Word.
.TIF – Opened in AcdSee, IrfanView, STDU Viewer or Document Imaging from Microsoft Office package.
.TXT – Opened in Notepad.
.ZIP – Opened in WinRarWinZip or Explorer.
4. I have downloaded a TIF file, but there is the first page only. Why is that?
Open the file not by default image viewer, but using AcdSee, IrfanView, STDU Viewer or Document Imaging included with Microsoft Office as mentioned above. They support multiple page TIF files.
5. I could not download the file due to disconnection. What should I do?
Download the file again.
If you have a recurrent problem downloading the files due to bad connection, disconnection and download stops , use special download software. E.g. Download Master , Reget or other. They were designed to handle slow download and download interruption problems.
6. I downloaded the technical data sheet, the description, the operating manual, and some pages are missing. What happened?
The site administration often removes pages that do not contain any useful information, such as warranty, obsolete manufacturers, notes and claims pages, etc. from such files. We do this in order to reduce the size of the downloaded files.

Administrative matters

1. My account has been deleted or banned. What did I do wrong?
This could happen for several reasons:
  •  You registered more than one account.
Multiple accounts are not allowed on the site. When the fact is found, all registered accounts are banned.
Re-registration of an account, provided previous ones were not activated, is not deemed to be a violation.
  • Your account contains obviously incorrect data or gibberish.
2. Some my materials were deleted. Why?
The files do not contain the material stated in the description.
You added broken and / or incomplete files.
Files were deleted at the request of copyright holders.
Files duplicate earlier and existing materials.
A much better quality version of the file was added.
3.I suggested amendments to the description of the material, but they were not accepted. Why?
Your comments are still under review;
Your amendments violated the materials formatting guidelines;
Your amendments are incorrect or invalid;
You suggested to transfer the material to a wrong section;
Your amendments do not actually add anything to the existing description of the material.
4. Can I change my login?