Terms of Service

General Provisions

    1. These Terms apply to all visitors and users of the Plasmaport web-portal.
    2. By using the service in any way the user agrees to these Terms.
    3. The Administration of the Plasmaport web-portal reserves the right to modify these Terms and regulations as they may think fit. In case of breach of these Terms the Plasmaport web-portal reserves the right to apply any and all sanctions not prohibited by law to any person, who violates these Terms. These terms apply to all visitors of the Plasmaport web-portal.
    4. Ignorance of the terms is not a valid excuse and a release from compliance therewith and responsibility for their violation.
    5. The terms may be subject to changes made by Administration of the Plasmaport web-portal without any notice to Users. The new version of the Terms shall come into force as of the date of their publication, unless otherwise provided for by the new version of the Terms.
    6. The most recent version of the Terms is always available at: “Terms of Service” 
    Prohibited content:

      1. Calls for violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order or seizure of the state power; calls for riots, arsons, destruction of property, seizure of buildings or structures, eviction; calls for aggression or unleashing a military conflict.
      2. Direct and indirect insults to anyone, namely, politicians, officials, journalists, resource users, including those on national, ethnic, racial or religious grounds as well as chauvinistic statements.
      3. Obscene statements, statements of pornographic, erotic or sexual character.
      4. Any offensive conduct towards authors of articles and all members of the resource.
      5. Statements intended to deliberately provoke a harsh reaction from other members of the resource.
      6. Advertising (not agreed with the Administration of the Site), messages of commercial character and those having no information value and having nothing to do with the resource’s problem domain.

    Use of the recourse:

      1. The Plasmaport web-portal is an information resource, so we do not sell or buy anything. It is intended solely for exchange of information among users.
      2. Full access to all information of the site is available to the registered users only.
      3. Any registered user has the right to post information, which is relevant to the portal’s problem domain.
      4. The Plasmaport web-portal does not own information published by users on the Plasmaport web-portal.
      5. All information posted by users is subject to moderation.
      6. It is not allowed to publish information that is not in the line with the Plasmaport web-portal’s problem domain, except for the Sell/Buy section. The information posted by the user must comply with Material Presentation Guidelines to the Web-portal «Plasmaport».
      7. When using the Plasmaport web-portal each user must adhere to the international copyright laws applicable in his or her country of residence.
      8. After request by the user to post the information in the Plasmaport web-portal is sent, it is published only upon preview by the moderator of the relevant thematic section.
      9. After information of the user is approved for publication by the moderator, it is posted in the relevant thematic section of the Plasmaport web-portal.
      10. The user, who posted any material (in compliance with the these Terms) on the Plasmaport web-portal pages, is assigned to the “Authors” group. Upon this the user is allowed to manage his posted materials, change his or her nickname and e-mail address, as well as to apply a unique user avatar.
      11. If any of the users of the Plasmaport web-portal violates the international copyright laws or those of his or her country of residence while publishing materials, the copyright owner may demand that such information be removed from public access.
      One can do so by writing to the portal’s Administration e-mail at portal.plasmaport@gmail.com. Upon this the portal’s Administration will block such information for public access for the period of up to 7 days. During this period the copyright holder must confirm his or her right to own such information by sending scanned copies of the title documents by e-mail at portal.plasmaport@gmail.com. In case of failure to do so the information will again be made available to general public.
      12. In case of copyright infringement (provided the owner of the information presented a claim supported by copyright documents), the user, who posted the information, will receive a warning. Should such violation be repeated more than twice, the user shall be permanently banned from the use of the Plasmaport web-portal.
      13. Each registered user of the portal may offer updates to the description of materials of other users. These updates must contain information about mistakes found in the description of the material or contribute to improvements of its information content. All updates to the description of the material are made only upon approval by the moderator of the relevant section.
      14. Each registered user has the right to comment on any material posted on the pages of the Plasmaport web-portal except for those, where this feature is disabled by the Administration of the Plasmaport web-portal. Comments should be informative and relevant to the Plasmaport web-portal’s problem domain.
      15. Each comment is published only upon approval by the moderator. Uninformative comments, those containing aggressive statements, irrelevant to the topic of the portal will not be published.
      16. Each registered user has the right to ask questions about any material published on the Plasmaport web-portal pages. Questions should be concise and specific. Each question is published only upon approval by the moderator.
      17. Each registered user has the right to publish advertisement of sale/purchase of equipment and materials, with their details posted in the Equipment and Materials section. In order to do so one should post the text of his or her advertisement on the equipment and materials page on the Ads tab. Do not post advertisements for sale of products that do not match their description. Each ad is published only upon approval by the moderator.
      If after reading the rules you still have any questions, please read: FAQ